Please make a difference

BWRFC desperately needs new, willing, enthusiastic and driven people who can make a difference to the running and appeal of the club to players, supporters and the community at large.

Could you bring your skills and ideas to bear developing new approaches and driving through your ambitious ideas, pulling together if necessary a team or group of like minded go-getters able to transform one of these key areas ?

Sponsorship Manager:

Revitalise sponsorship packages to attract and retain both major and match day sponsors, vital to the club's survival. Establish the role as the main focal point between the club and individuals or companies willing to provide tangible support to teams at all levels within BWRFC.

Membership Manager:

Develop new and attractive membership packages with appropriate benefits to build a solid base of members that will support the teams and events at the club throughout the year and not simply during the playing season.

Events Manager:

Bring together, develop and lead the club's ability to hold attractive and well supported events to make best use of the club's facilities and broaden its appeal as a suitable venue for other clubs, groups and businesses in the community. Such events will be key in supporting the efforts of the three activities above as well as enthusing existing players and supporters.

As with all of the Club Executive roles these key positions are undertaken on a voluntary basis but if you think you can make a difference in any of the above areas please contact Dave Bowen 07860 801929 or Denise Davies 07788 234548 to arrange a chat and share your ideas. Your help and support would be welcome and greatly appreciated.


Builth Wells Rugby Club Annual Dinner Photos 2016

This year's dinner was held on the 6th May and proved to be a successful evening. The club issued a warm welcome to our guests, Ray Wilton (WRU) and Welsh Rugby Legend, Ryan Jones.