Builth Wells RFC Drugs Policy

The WRU Anti-Doping Rules are the UK Anti-Doping Rules and are compliant with World Rugby Regulation 21 (Anti-Doping), and the World Anti-Doping Code.

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Builth Wells RFC fully endorses these rules and is committed to compliance. However in addition the Club believes that in sport and the community the use of non prescribed drugs is a significant issue that has wide ranging ramifications for the individual and the club as a whole. For the avoidance of doubt the Club's policy and approach to the issue is set out below.

1. Use of illegal substances on club premises or other locations that it is visiting in its official capacity or transport to or from such commitments will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Persons identified as using such substances in these circumstances will be automatically barred from the premises or Builth RFC provided transport until the matter is considered by the Executive Committee and a decision reached on the duration of the exclusion period

2. Individuals found using performance enhancing drugs will be barred from selection or participation in matches or training until the matter has been fully considered and an appropriate period set by the Executive Committee.

3. Individuals found providing illegal, non prescribed or performance enhancing drugs to club members at any stage will be barred from attendance or participation in club activities indefinitely.

Builth Wells RFC does not support or endorse the use of performance enhancing, non prescription or illegal drugs under any circumstances and will apply the above provisions without exception.

Executive Committee
1st January 2018