Autumn Internationals 2017

The WRU have confirmed the following Autumn International fixtures for 2017:

Saturday 11th November, WalesvAustralia:  ko 5:15 pm

Prices: Band B £60 (£15), Band C £45 (£15), Band D £25, Band E £25

Saturday 18th November, WalesvGeorgia:  ko 2:30 pm

   Prices:  £35 (£10)

Saturday 25th November, WalesvNew Zealand:  ko 5:15 pm

 Prices: Band B £85, Band C £75, Band D £60, Band E £40

Saturday 2nd December, WalesvSouth Africa:  ko 2:30 pm

Prices:  Band B £60 (£15), Band C £45 (£15), Band D £25, Band E £25

NB.  Ticket prices in brackets are forUnder 16 years of age

If you are a paid up member of the club and wish to go into the ballot for tickets for any of these matches please send a written request to me by Thursday 18th May 2017, detailing the match you are interested in and the price tickets you would prefer and enclosean undated blank cheque made payable to Builth Wells RFC and marked "not exceeding £? " (the total ticket price plus the handling charge of £3:00)

Ticket availability varies by game and no guarantee can be given that your application will successful, but we will try our best.

Denise Davies