Boxing Day Rugby - Veterans vs Seconds

Kick-off 5pm at the Groe, Builth Wells

Another tough encounter this Boxing Day for Builth Wells RFC seconds team facing a daunting prospect of playing probably the strongest and toughest Veterans team to run onto the Groe in recent years. The Veterans are unbeaten in the previous two meetings and look odds on favourites again for this game.

To strengthen the Vets team this year such players as Jeremy Pugh have been drafted in to play, Jeremy is quoted as having said “I’m really up for this, my aggression levels are extremely high at this time of year having just spent so much money on the family for Christmas presents”. Another warning off another returning veteran, Paul Mathias, a.k.a. Muff, is that he will take no prisoners in the front row and expects an extremely bloody battle. Andrew Davies, another legend in Builth RfC, well respected for having recently come out of the closet, is looking forward to the banter in the changing rooms both before and after the match. But perhaps the biggest concern for the second team is John Ralph who has only recently retired from the game at the age of 61 who’s name used to strike fear into any opposition is promising to make an appearance. Rob Powell Blaenbwlch, famously known for his light-footed side step which was known to send opposition wingers into the stands will be gracing the side lines and will be a real treat for the females in the crowd.

One of the fittest vets, Bruce Hutton, whose known for his quiet nature off the field but is known to transform into a psychotic animal when aroused on the pitch, will be a real handful on the day. Dave Dixon, a.k.a. the silent assassin, turned away by many clubs for his violent temperament has promised to contain his emotions on the day. Nick Howells, senior coach, is probably one of the main targets for the seconds as his extreme fitness sessions have scarred many of the senior players for life and this rare opportunity for retribution some feel will not be over looked. Adam ‘The Kilt’ Johnstone, known for his flair, good looks and silky skills off the pitch and his raw unrivalled power on the pitch has chosen to make an appearance. Players are travelling from far and wide, the furthest being the man they call Jungle who was recently called into the SAS and tells us he will be arriving all the way from Norfolk on the day with his chopper. Released for Christmas for good behaviour none other than Bobby ‘The Grinder ‘Groves , banned from the game in his hey-day for extreme violence towards referees, has been pardoned and allowed to don the boots once more.

Once again making an overseas appearance for the vets is none other than Ricky Dixon, it has become tradition for the vets to play Ricky Dixon at 10 and hopefully this year he will be able to keep up with the high speed phase play and game plan the vets like to stick to, some liken the pace to a Barbarian game in fast forward. These are to name just a few legends returning to the battlefield which promises to be a minefield come Boxing Day.

Good luck Second team!